Thursday, March 29, 2012

Codes and scripts for Tumblr!

So, yesterday I was toying around Tumblr's new features. I know I'm a bit late on that but its better late than never. One of my friends wanted me to have a look at them and I'd found some good news and bad news. Good news is that the texts are now super rich and posting stuff is as quick as it can be. I found that I can post so quick on Tumblr than any other blogging platform, maybe that's why most of my friends call it "mini-blogging" platform.

But all said and done, there are some features that we all love in other blogging platforms such as ease of maintenance of blogrolls, redirect codes (for advanced users), easy to maintain followers code, and codes to add effects and fun to the tumblog! Then I went roaming around the Internet and found that all the above "wanted" codes were readily available at Tumblr Codes - the site which offers code that can be used as is to one's tumblr page on the HTML customization and fancy their blogs as much as possible. No wonder my day was already done since I had all the stuffs ready on my tumblog and was ready to brag about them to my friend. You now know where to go for all things Tumblr!

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