Saturday, October 15, 2011

Get the latest in Tech and Social Media

Yeah, you know that this blog of mine is one of the coolest places in the blogging world where you can find some real tech news, gadgetry stuff and everything else under the huge technological umbrella.

But there are various other blogs out there in this world that give so much information similar to my blog. The toughest thing is to find which are the most reliable and entertaining ones. This is why we need a social news website which can serve as a one stop destination for people to spend their time only on such a website and get all the info that they want.

So, on this agenda, I was searching for top sites and landed at which is this social media news website where people can share any news that they find interesting such as the iPhone4s launch info or that Dennis Ritchie, the father of C programming passed away. The power and advantage of social media is exactly that - people can get information over to them and even can vote for their favorite ones so that more people get to see them and share them as well.

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