Sunday, April 29, 2012

Start your own Social Networking website

Well, most of the usual technology fans just logon to the Internet, check into their social media accounts, posts some stuff on what they did or what song they heard that day and go to sleep. Life goes on for them. The geeky types, however, go some extra steps and start a networking website of their own and setup virtual communities and let people login to their website and then the real deal of earning money begins. Now, the above applies to those geek minded folks who can scratch their head real hard and come up with programming skills that is required to create websites and Internet applications. For all those who want to make a deal without writing programs, this post is exactly for them!

iScripts is where most of the Internet applications/software and scripts can be found easily. It was there where I came across SocialWare which is a Social networking Script (written in Internet friendly languages such as Javascript) are those that can be added to existing websites or create standalone web applications for small groups of folks. The purposes of networking is not in scope of this blog post :). Traffic is the biggest advantage, however. One can just look at the runaway success of social networking websites and it can very well become a pathway to the next $$$ company.

Just so I am writing about scripts, I wanted to share another product from this same company that produces the above script has another product up its sleeves as well and its ready to roll. It is for those who want to get down to a full fledged e-business portal that is associated with fees and negotiation tools. To be specific, it is called a barter software and people who know will understand it better and people who don't know it will know it when you read about it! So happy website scripting, or rather, happy installing scripts available at ease.

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