Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tech helps you beautify!

Well, off late, I've not been writing all things about tech stuff - but rather how tech helps us to achieve or get something that we really wanted. Most of those things were via social media and how it easily connects people to things they desire and makes them feel good. Well, this weekend I've had some time to browse around the Internet and look at stuffs that'd really make a difference and go about sharing all these with my friends. Yes, the first best place that I'd count on is my blog to share that stuff. The next best place isn't a hard guess - its social networking sites. Well, considering the fact that both of these - blogging and social networking come under the umbrella of social media, its imperative to say that not all those who visit the second visit the first and vice versa as well. OK, now on to my topic of beautification of yourself with the help of technology. How? Simple - more and more companies and businesses are taking up social media for 75% of their marketing strategies because social media is the big thing and the ROI is just "instant". Spread of word is so fast that hair stylists and salons get calls and visits from people who are really eager to try out something new. One of most popular salons - Dallas Hair Salon is so popular and take up that they've got a big fan following in social networks and recently they've come up with a write up on social media. It's worth a read and brings in more clarity of hair stylists alike. Tech up, get wired and go Social!

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