Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Future Technology - Folding Solar panels

I've always wanted and I've always had written about tech stuff that helps for the betterment of mankind. During my recent tour of the Australian, I came across a store which sells Solar Panels. Well, on a first look it was yet another solar panel store but looking at it again made me think again. They weren't mere Solar Panels which we hook up permanently at at place and let them do their work, but these were foldable solar panels meaning they can be taken anywhere wherever we travel, provided we have a considerable spaced out trailer or truck tagged along with us.

So, a typical tour of Australia would never be without facing the scorching sun and camping it out in the heat. This is where these Folding Solar Panels can be put to the best use and reap the benefits without worrying for any other input of energy. Ok, on another note we had to rent out a car to traverse into the woods and to avoid being hit by another vehicle at high speeds or to keep ourselves safe from a kangaroo, we got a Hyundai Sante Fe Nudge Bar fitted on the Hyundai we rented. That's in a way a technological with engineering help.

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