Thursday, April 26, 2012

Of the best Motherboards

Ok,its high time I wrote something about high tech technology now after all these days when I've written only about tech stores and online stuff. As you have already guessed what this is about, this is about Motherboards. For all ye folks who are reading this post without knowing what is a Motherboard - you need a serious introduction to computing systems. In layman terms, Motherboards can be called the mother of all workstations out there - including yours and mine. They do most of the interfacing terms between the processor and the memory and the supply input power in addition to receiving and sending signals from your mouse, keyboard and monitor. In geek terms, a Motherboard supports disk controllers, integrated display controllers and sound cards, perform Ethernet funtions in addition to supporting all those IrDA controllers and finally handling the CPU socket where the processor is pitched in. Ok, now that was a little comprehensive for everybody out there. A good motherboard will have adequate support for all the basic functions described above. A better motherboard will have more support for these basic functions and extended support to include external graphics processing unit(GPU) but the best motherboards (such as the Asus Extreme Rampage model) will have full support to everything listed above and also include advanced options in its BIOS setup so that the user has the flexibility to configure them while building a PC. You have to research for these best motherboards out there and then choose a good one. That was about personal computer motherboards, for server motherboards, one could look out for some neat Intel Server motherboards which are boasted of high efficiency and require less cooling.

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