Saturday, September 5, 2009

Twitter and Facebook- are you playing safe?-- Part 1

The technology has grown by leaps and bounds. There is so much happening on the social networking fronts that amaze us. One can post their entire profiles on Facebook or their random thoughts on Twitter. The world has shrunk and even so is our privacy! Most of us forget that these social networking sites could be hazardous if you do not play it safe. A simple comment on Twitter like “I am bored” during working hours could mess up your career. So one needs to be careful and also understand, respect his privacy in order to keep himself away from troubles!

Here are a few tips which I follow, in order to be safe when I am using these social networking sites. This article will consist of two parts, in order to make it crisp and help in better reading. The first rule is to be careful with what you share. If you think you do not the whole world to see that information, then never share it. When I mean the whole world, I literally mean the whole world. This is the most important rule. The second rule is to work on your privacy settings which most of us don't! We think that by doing so, we are not being social. My only advice is that you better rethink before you opt for such socializing. Remember that the world is a bed of roses and people of all kinds exist. I would end this part 1, on the note that if you follow these two points than you are mostly safe! But then why am I going for the part 2? Read about it to find out!

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