Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mobile Technology has gone for a new revolution

Samsung has come up with a technology for mobile phones which will revolutionize the storage concept. It is called PCM, i.e. Phase Change Memory. PCM is a type of non volatile memory. Here there are two states like amorphous and crystalline. The amorphous state represents high resistance, while the crystalline state represents low resistance. Thus concept is expanded further and amorphous state represents 0 while crystalline state represents 1.

How to switch between these states? It is done by excessive heating and freezing! It looks impossible, isn't it? The feasibility reason was the one why this concept was not practically implemented till date. But Samsung has come up with the technology and has started the mass production of memory chips using this PCM concept. Any guesses on the advantage of this concept?? The data can be stored for more than 300 years!. Let's support this new technology with custom silicone wristbands and create more awareness to maximize usage and reducing end cost.

It is predicted that flash memory will be soon replaced. The speed of the chip will depend on how fast switching can take place. The answer is that it can take place in just 16 nanoseconds, in a chip which is 20 nanometers. I think this is a very fast rate. So we might soon have our mobile chips with PCM technology.

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