Saturday, October 3, 2009

Solar technology for a greener change

It was 10 in the morning, and I had to make an important call. But alas, I did not charge my phone and did not carry my charger. This incident is a common story for all many of us. So what is the first thought on your mind when such an incident occurs? I always am look out of technology which will pull me out of such situations! LG has come up with the much wanted technology and that is called solar technology. Yes, you heard it right! You can charge your mobile using solar technology. So the next time you find no charge, you have nothing to worry till you have the sun!

LG plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2012 and this is a step in that direction. It is wonderful to hear that we are having green technology. This product called LG GD510, which is going to be in markets soon. I am awaiting this product, as I want to buy it and experience the new technology. The product promises to be economical and easy on the pocket. I think that most of you would also find it appealing. This will reduce the electricity bills and it is the best option that is available to mobile users.

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