Thursday, October 22, 2009

The History of the Light Bulbs

Man needed light. This necessity drove him to discover fire and make use of it. As days passed by, Thomas Alva Edison discovered the bulb. This marked the first marking stone in the history of light bulbs. We have moved on from bulbs to tube lights and have used different materials. There have been a number of giants who have come up with their technology to manufacture lights. Philips is one of the best electronic companies in the market. They have been manufacturing fluorescent light bulbs for a very long time. Now they have come up with a new scheme. The scheme involves wrapping an old technology in new one. In other words, it is incorporating LED technology into bulbs, for they do not cause much pollution and also they last 5 years longer than fluorescent bulbs.

Though one of the problems using LEDs is the cost, they are optimistic that they can reduce the price drastically. This means we can have cheap bulbs which will last long and will not cause any pollution. Philips is making waves in this area and hence a product will be launched soon. I am waiting to use these bulbs and hope the same goes with you too.

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