Monday, October 12, 2009

It is time to go the electronic way

I think it is time we do away with books. It is a heavy load which students need to carry, and thus making them get stressed out. A good way is to go digital or electronic with books! People have realized the importance to do away with books in paper and hence have evolved a new concept called e-books. But technology advancements have been very high and one can't stop admiring it. has brought a new e-reader which is a replacement to textbooks. This helps one to read books at school without the need for a PC.

The e-reader is based on the latest technology and has features for highlighting, taking notes and so on. It is an excellent alternative for textbooks and hence was decided to test on students. It took time to get used to it, but eventually students liked it and thus there is a great fan fare regarding this. Any idea
what the name of the product could be? It is called Kindle! It is meant to kindle your interest in studies and being back to school. There are several other advantages with this which is inclusive of downloading music, playing games on it and so on. I love this concept, what about you?

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