Thursday, October 8, 2009

I will never be late again, thanks to technology

I am late for a meeting. I curse myself for not having planned properly. But it is too late. I think again and again where I went wrong. I had planned it perfectly, but was not able to predict the traffic congestion. So it was not my fault fully, but whatsoever I was late! Does this incident strike a chord with you? It would look similar as search one of us would have been through this scenario. But there is good news for all of us, and that is we no more have to worry about traffic congestions. Researchers have come up with an expert traffic system which is called Prediction Feedback Strategy(PFS).

How does this system work? The answer is it takes the previous congestion information to provide details about the congestion in future. In other words it uses the past information to predict future congestion. Every driver who makes use of this technology will have a display board which will suggest the best route that he could adopt.

This technology will reveal future congestions and hence one can implement different methods to curtail it. It is always easier to handle a known devil than an unknown evil. This philosophy holds good even for traffic congestions.

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