Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What are Aero Shade and Aero Peek?

Microsoft has introduced windows 7 recently for you guys. Let’s discuss about the two new features added to windows 7 known as the Aero Shade and Aero Peek. This is to satisfy the users who demand for flashier graphical user interfaces. It has become a new attraction after the introduction of flash. So Microsoft has fulfilled the GUI lovers with help of these features.

Aero Shake helps user to quickly and immediately minimize all other non-active windows that sit in the background by just shaking or moving the application window. You will experience some kind of Seizure in your hand when you operate this feature. When you try this feature you will find it very interesting. You can also bring your window to previous window with the same procedure. Microsoft team has delicately worked in these features to make it attractive. Aero Peek feature allows you to hover your desktop and shows the outline of all the windows that are open. This is also an interesting feature.

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