Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Technology to catch thieves

This happened in Pittsburgh. I do not remember the date or where I read this, but felt that this is a must read for all of us. So let me begin the story with this idea in mind. A man was attacked by 3 gangsters. He had a number of credit cards and an iPhone. The gangsters got his PIN numbers, stole his cards and the iPhone. The guy was shaken but after they let him free, he called up the police and alerted them. He later called the banks in order to block his cards.

That I when it struck him that his phone was with them. He went to his house, sat before the system and used the Find my iPhone service in order to locate the whereabouts of his phone. As the phone was not switched off, he could trace the phone to Wal-Mart. That is where technology was found to be useful. iPhone has got two options. One is to trace the phone by using Find my iPhone. The other option is to remove the data from the memory by using Remote Wipe. The second option is used only when the phone can’t be traced. Technology has grown and it is so evident from these two features.

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