Friday, October 23, 2009

Wi -Fi is up for a new revolution

What drives inventions? It is human need and nothing more. Man wants everything very simple and elegant. One of the examples can be internet. We started with dial up and moved on to broadband. Though the quest for speed was satisfied, we were too unhappy with the wires and cables. So we moved on to Wi-Fi. But now we are not happy with Wi-Fi. The reason is simple; we find it difficult in setting up a Wi-Fi connection. The biggest problem is to create a hotspot. As this is problematic, we find people getting irritated.

But now there is a new technology which will be out by 2010. It promises to carets gadgets as mini access points and hence one doesn’t have to spend a lot of time in creating a hotspot. This simple technology will make lives simpler. The name of the technology is Wi-Fi Direct which will be built into consumer electronics. This will scan the existing devices for hotspots and once it is found, will establish a connection. It looks very simple, doesn’t it?!

2010 is next year and we will surely see a revolution in the internet connections! It looks very exciting, indeed! I will surely upgrade my existing Wi-Fi connection to Direct Wi-Fi. What about you?

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