Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are you safe?

The pop up box reads that your system is infected with virus. What do you do? You download some software by paying a fee and then think you are safe. If you have done this or you think this is the best way to handle such virus attacks then you are in for a big risk. Many of these software’s which you pay are actually fake
security software and they either do not protect your system or allow more compromises on your system. If you do not find this information true and you consider it baseless, then you will be surprised to find that Symantec has come up with a survey which suggests that 93% people are easily duped by these fake software schemes.

Many of these cost around $30 -$100, which is very cheap. These fake software schemes are marketed by middle men, who earn a certain amount for every download. Some of the sites where there is malicious software are Bakasoftware, TrafficConverter, and Dogma Software.

Symantec advises that one must use only software form reputed companies to be safe and also to avoid such problems. So next time you want to download any such software, beware for you can run into a big problem!

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