Sunday, September 20, 2009

Google and Apple make an interesting story

Google is the king of the web world. It may rule the search engine market, but if it wants one of its applications on the iPhone, then it has to wait like any other company for Apple's approval. The best part here is that Apple rejects the application if it is not satisfied, irrespective of who the creators were. This stand was taken by Apple recently and it rejected two Google Applications. One was Google Latitude and the other Google Voice. Google Latitude was meant to allow users to broadcast their location and also check their friend's locations. Google Voice was an innovative product, where calls to all the phone numbers of the user will be routed to one special number chosen by the user. Then this call will be routed over the Internet to where the user is present.

The reason for declining Google Voice was evident. It was seen as a potential threat to AT & T revenues. But why did Google Latitude be rejected? It is a known fact that they are rival companies as Google is developing Android Operating system which could hit Apple badly. I do not know what has been the exact reasons for declining Google's Applications, but I think there will be some hot news in the future regarding this.

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