Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Game which is one of its kind

A big bank has closed down and there is a financial turmoil. Are you getting worried? Stay calm as this has happened in the virtual world of gaming. There is a popular game called Eve Online whose Ebank has run into troubled waters. The game is all about expanding fleets, space ships and so on. As every player will not have enough credits to create or expand fleets, a player created an Ebank which would provide credits if the people pledged their space ships and so on. It operated like a real bank and was a huge success. Allow as ell till the creator of bank turned greedy and he made away with the money (in other words spaceships, credits and so on)

There has been havoc and the board of directors is sitting down to come up with a best methodology which will bail people out from this financial crunch. I think this was very interesting, a virtual bank and that too in debts! I wonder how people could get this creative to bankrupt even an Ebank. I haven't played this game and am trying to figure out on how to play this! I have heard of number of games, but this really stood out of the rest.

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