Thursday, July 30, 2009

How do Instant Cameras work?

Instant camera also known as Polaroid cameras, have an inbuilt studio. Many people think that these cameras do not have films, but they have films which are responsible for this instant photography. This film must be capturing the photo and also developing it. So how does developing take place within the film? It contains a reagent which is responsible for developing, a mix of opacifiers, alkali and white pigment

How do all these work together? Once the photo has been captured, the film gets coated with the reagent material, as it passes through rollers. These reagent particles move through the film and each exposed particle gets converted into metallic silver. The dissolver dye is absorbed by these metallic silver particles and the picture is formed but it is not visible. So the next step is to make it visible and this is handled by the acids in the film. One gets instant photos after such an amount of processing. So the next time you pick up a Polaroid photo, just imagine the amount of processing that it has undergone.

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