Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Google is making the next big foray

Microsoft has stiff competition, and they must have been surprised when they heard the news that Google is planning to launch its Operating System. Google started with their search engine, and have come a long way from there. It is a known fact that Google dominates search engine market, and then it made foray into the e-mail market. After its success at e-mail market, it jumped into social networking! People wondered what could be the next move. Google made a jump into the browser market and has taken the browser environment by storm. Google Chrome has replaced the usual Internet Explorer and now they have announced that they would be coming up with Chrome OS.

It is felt that Chrome OS, will be out be next year. It is said that it will have simplicity, security and speed. It will be web centric since Google is always known for its web based capabilities. Chrome OS is being created with web users in the mind. In other words, web is predicted as the future, so an OS that is web based is termed as the new revolution! I am waiting for it, and I hope that you too are waiting for it too. I am willing to create unique trading pins with Chrome OS and promote this OS to my friends and family members. This is the least I can do for most great free products delivered by Google.

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