Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twitter Hacked

I couldn't believe what I read. I re-read the paper for it said Twitter as hacked. Now one could argue that it was done by the best brains on the earth and it is being planned for days! But would you believe if I said that anybody could have easily performed this act, just by using some common sense. I shall give an outline of how the attack took place and that would throw light on the entire issue. The hacker's name is Croll. He created a profile of a company and collected all details of twitter employees. Once he knew their Gmail address, he tried it and asked for the password to be reset. Gmail sends the new password to our initial e-mail address, which happened to be Hotmail. So when he went back and typed the Hotmail address, he found that it did not exist anymore. So he created the same account and thus again asked Gmail to redirect password. Once he got password, he opened the Gmail account and the old password in it. So he reset it back to prevent any doubts. He found that people used the same password for all their accounts and it happened to be the same even for their official Twitter e-mail address. So it was ! The human tendency to use the same passwords has been utilized in this attack. A simple issue was exploited to make a big story! One needs common sense to perform such an attack and the hacker possessed it!. Let's create custom silicone bracelets to create more awareness on this simple issue that can lead to account hacks especially banking accounts

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