Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I hated technology but I love it now

I loved emotions and relationships. I write about it extensively. But there is one thing which made me shiver and quiver and that was technology. It never appealed to me. But this was only until about 2 years back. I had a chance to meet a gentleman and that changed my perspective of technology. I had always felt that it was a dull and boring subject, but his animated talk on how the simplest forms of logic and science make things work, made me astounded. His only parting words were, young man read about it before you dislike.

So my journey began. I began to read and slowly understand the nuances of technology. I initially did not find it appealing, but over the time got hooked to it. I read every bit of information till I got exhausted. And so what did I receive at the end of two years of extensive research?! I discovered my passion to learn about technology. I understood that the most complicated things are based on the simplest concepts. So here is the end result, a blog which speaks about my take on technical things. I hope my love towards technology will inspire a few more to know more about it!

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