Friday, August 24, 2012

Invoicing software for Small businesses and Freelancers

Small businesses have thronged the Internet and most importantly, they have thronged social media websites to attract potential customers for their products/services. The biggest reason being social media sites are to reach out to customers, do brand promotion, talk to people who use/buy/involve in the business - all for free. Ok, this is achieved through Technology and technology only with the Internet being credited the most in all the factors. How do small businesses or even freelancers - the newest generation of small businesses maintain all their sent quotes, payments sent/received and at the end of it - look professional and make their work look professional as well. This can only be achieved with the help of the perfect invoicing solution. Never would I recommend a solution that doesn't run on Technology.

I researched this a bit on the Internet and most software vendors sell softwares as a single unit to customers so that people setup these on the site systems or the main computer where they handle invoices. The problem is that some don't want installable software. With the world moving towards cloud computing (I'm just quoting an example), it was time that even the invoice creating software is available online so that the freelancer or the small business user login to the system from anywhere they want and hence not dependent on a computer/laptop which they obviously have to carry along with them. A perfect online based invoicing software should be able to do all the basic functionalities but on the whole, it should send invoices fast; Achieving which, the customer satisfaction for any product can be easily achieved with one item ticked. The before sentence was just some thoughts on me. 


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