Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Got a website/blog? - Get a Icon!

It has been so long since I established this blog and all the while I have been writing and running this blog without an icon for it! Frankly, the thought never occured to me and finally yesterday when I was running plans to customize my blog - it hit me. I wanted to change the theme of my blog, the layout and the navigation of course, which is quite limited by the way. Then I was looking at images and that's when the "favico" thought occured to me. I have included that as well in my plan.

Next thing I did was to look for free and paid stock image websites that offer all categories of icons for websites and blogs alike. Mostly, I was interested in icons/pictures that depict Web 2.0 and that's when I encountered They have the perfect collection of Web 2.0 Icons with thousands of them available for download and more numbers available for purchase. In a few days from now, you will see this blog revamped to suit Web 2.0 admirers and yes, of course, a favicon right up there beside the address bar.
So, does your website/blog have an icon yet?