Tuesday, August 7, 2012

World in Infographics

No, not this time. I'm not gonna say the usual statement of "If you don't know what Infographics are then you are from Stone age". Nope. Infographics is pretty new to the Internet world and its emphasis is mostly on Social media. An infographic is a "long" image (by long I mean yes it is quite long) and it is derived, obviously, by combining Information and graphics. Simply put, it can be information, data or knowledge conveyed in a graphic form and that which might seem complex can be understood quite clearly with these graphics. 

I wouldn't say Infographics have come to existence very recently, they have been here for over ages. They started with Newspapers who had the liberty to use an entire page for an advertisement or to depict a series of events leading to something. Now, come the Internet, Infographics have taken a whole level. There is a dedicated website called Infographix Directory which focuses on user submissions or authored Infographics - a neat place to find and learn about a product/service quite easily.

An Infographic on Colors

There are plenty of Infographic Submission Sites out there where, if you are a Infographic author, can submit your graphics to! I'm on my way to create and share it already, are you?

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