Sunday, August 5, 2012

Get USA VPN, Get connected

As always, my friend came over to my place this weekend and saw me furiously typing in an VPN address for which I had got a subscription to use for a month. My, as always, curious friend sat beside me asking the reason for my furiousness. I then had to explain that some websites are available only for the USA region and the rest of the world wouldn't even know such a website existed. To counter that, we could go into a Virtual Private Network -safe and secure- that puts us into USA and then visit those websites at ease.

In simplest terms to explain the biggest advantage of using a VPN, it shields one's online identity and the VPN server assumes the identity of the person logging into it to visit other websites. Some other advantages in using a usa vpn are for placing video calls using popular services which offer lower prices in USA region, purchasing stuff from online stores in the USA and getting it shipped to your friend who can bring it for you to your home, and most of all - avoiding the frustration of being blocked! That pretty much explained my furiousness because this is way better than frustration.

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