Monday, August 6, 2012

How to transfer DRM protected iTunes to Galaxy S2

Many iTunes users want to sync theirs iTunes songs into Samsung Galaxy S2 but don't how. There's no iTunes app in the android market. So, is there any tool can help people to transfer iTunes to Galaxy S2? The answer is YES, Doubletwist is great for transfer music to Android devices and it’s free. This application is not only for Samsung Galaxy S2 but all Android devices. Or you can use Samsung Kies do the job.

However, most of iTunes are .m4p file format with DRM protection. It means you can't play them on non-Apple product. You have to remove iTunes DRM and convert them to common .mp3 music format. You can use a DRM removal software gets rid of the DRM protection. Here is the step by step guide to transfer DRM protected iTunes to Galaxy S2. It will show you how to convert iTunes music and video files to the phone supported file formats with 3 simple steps. When you finished this guide you will be able to play all iTunes files on your phone with any restriction.
Enjoy iTunes music on your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.

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