Thursday, August 9, 2012

Create a Website quite easily and for free!

If you have been a regular follower of my blog, you would have noticed I randomly had wrote about websites, hosting, blogging and stuff relating to these all. I had shared how to create free blogs, get the cheapest hosting for your website/blog as well. Look out for tags on the right of this blog where you can see these topics and browse through.

OK, I thought about all these this morning and thought again that I had not written about creating a Website in the first place! A lot of questions popped up on my mind on which type of tool I should be sharing with my readers here.

To start with - the tool should not be downloadable - this gives the ability to people who cannot just standing downloading huge installations and then install them AND then read to work on them AND then actually work on them!
How about a free tool - free means lots of customizations can be done with no additional cost at any point of time. I started my search for the best website builder out there and ended up at the right place at IconoSites.

One can just about create a website with so much ease that they will not realize any bit of pain working on the perfect free website builder. I created a sample website in minutes - a record for myself, whew! The latest user platform for websites - mobile versions can also created with ease. To get further informaton, you could read more on their website page and then start right up creating your own professional website or give a makeover to your existing one - for free.

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