Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Ultrabook generation of laptops

In recent times, you can't stop noticing the social media/television advertisements featuring Intel's latest find in technology. The Ultrabook. Some people understand it straight forward that Ultrabooks are nothing but laptops just being a marketing name. Some folks understand that they are the next generation of laptops that carry the latest in advanced hardware and software. If you ask me, I'd say Ultrabook is a mix of both the above statements.

I wanted to clarify more on this Ultrabook topic to my audience and hence, I was looking for an authentic source for all news Ultrabook and I landed at an Ultrabook news website. Now, for those of you, If you do not know what an Ultrabook is, here is a handy blog post entitled; What is an Ultrabook?. For those of you who already have a fair idea that Ultrabooks. I'd suggest looking at other sections of the Ultrabook news website I just mentioned since they have just about everything on Ultrabooks. I honestly didn't know many information that was listed over there!

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