Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keep all Apple things simple

Well, I always say this popular saying wherever I go and whomever I meet for short trainings or short tech meet-ups. "It is very easy to keep things complex, it is very difficult to keep things simple" and that's as simple when it is said. Back at talking technology, people tend to ask me which is the most simplest gadget that was made by mankind. I humbly reply them that most Apple products are simple (at least from the initial looks and the usage). Fact is when it comes to jailbreaking them, things can be real complex. 

So, what do you do to jailbreak your iPhone? Things are quite messy when you try to do that. That's how even I was until I started following the Let's Keep It Simple blog on all Apple stuff. An Aptly titled blog it is - I have become from a casual visitor to a regular follower of that blog - and the reason is quite simple - they always manage to keep things simple. To start with - Jailbreaking just doesn't mean that you are switching your iPhones from a restricted mode to a open sim mode. It also involves to using apps and features offered by the iOS for your own user experience! This has been my biggest learning from the let's keep it simple blog  - this, from all their simple tutorials that they provide. Be it anything - doing custom mods, doing icon changes and plethora of user experience changing tools - this blog has been my source for almost all things Apple. So, just saying to keep things simple isn't enough, doing them is!

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