Saturday, June 19, 2010

5 Tips For Identity Theft Protection

This is that time of year when we all start getting those emails that want to purloin our secret codes and passwords. You know the ones that have subject lines like: “Your Account Is About To Be Closed,” “There’s A Block On Your Account,” “Could You Help Me Claim My Funds,” or my all-time favorite “Congratulations – You’ve Won The UK Lottery.”

First and foremost, DON’T FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE EMAIL! If you think there might be a problem, access the account in question as you normally do on your PC and not with the link supplied in the phony email.

Here are some other tips to help you:
1. Understand debit card dangers.
2. Rethink check writing.
3. Secure your mail.
4. Go virtual.
5. Create an emergency identity kit.

I will update on each of these topics on the on coming posts. Stay tuned !

1 comment:

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