Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Technology in making strong chemical fibres

Its always amazing and wonderful to see and understand how technology helps in making things better. One such place which I recently came across, where technology helps in making a good product is in the making of Aramid. To talk about Aramid, It is the latest in chemical fibres and its of highstrength, of high tensile strength of particularly high E-modulus which will make it very firm in chemical terms and the best of all is that its of low density which will make it easy to work with. Aviation and Astronautics are the two important fields that make use of Aramid and other fields being vehicle-electric and sport article-industry, and last but not least for ballistic protection.

So, you would ask me, how does technology help in making Aramid one of the best chemical fibres available? Technology would help in simulation, in testing the outcome of the production of the products and confirm that they are indeed suitable for use because Aviation as you know is not a simple and easy place to work with risks being manifold if something should go wrong.

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