Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Technology help for the Investment Industry

Yes, technology is everywhere. Last week one of my "technology challenged" friends who is from the Investment industry came visiting, he asked me this question over a casual talk - 'Is there any software or technology to help us in making decisions'. I understood the depth of question some minutes later because over the course of conversation, he explained why his firm desperately needed one because most of their investment decisions were made with very less data and they needed lost of data to be automatically loaded into a system and analyzed before a business decision was taken.

Just then, I was reminded of SunGard - a software product maker which has 25 years of rich experience in making softwares and has very recently released some software related to the Investment business. So, we immediately visited them(their website) and read about APT - their flagship system that provides decision support for the investment industry.

In due course, my friend also learned and made some quick notes about the software maker that most of the financial services institutions relied on SunGard for their financial related software/system. He was puzzled why his firm didn't rely so and was sure they should now!

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