Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3D TV Technology and Gaming on it

You can’t fail to have noticed the burst of consumer products recently offering 3D capability. TVs, laptops, cameras, games consoles. All have seen new models which let us see images or play games in 3D. 3D TV of course is at the core of this technology.

At the start of 2011 the future of 3D TV looked assured. Each of the major manufacturers had announced new models for the year, and choice was widening with the planned introduction of passive 3D TV technology.

But still the projected sales figures have failed to be realised. Even though the new passive sets from Vizio - which work using much cheaper and lighter 3D glasses – have seen considerable interest from the buying public, 3D TV is beginning to look as I it will maintain a niche following only for some time.

There is one product on the way which has a good chance to stir up some interest. Sony announced in June 2011 that they intended to release the Playstation 3D TV in an effort to corner the 3D games market. The model is planned to arrive at the end of 2011, with a 24 inch screen that appears to be the perfect size for use in bedrooms and games rooms.

The PS 3D TV’s main benefit is that it does away with the old split screen gaming. Players will be able to play the same game side by side, with each seeing their own version of the same game. It’s just possible that this innovation can spark enough interest from avid gamers to push 3D TV strongly into the public consciousness.

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