Friday, November 11, 2011

Backit up before you lose

Last week, one of my friends came to know how essential it is to backup data before something really goes wrong with the workstation. His hard drive was about a couple of years old and all of a sudden some of its clusters went awry and his PC crashed in the middle of something important. That's it. He lost about 25% of his important data. The data recovery team was able to recover the rest.

Now, explaining a perfect example of data loss, lets see some of the reliable data backup ways. There is backup to CD, backup to a hard disk and the most commonly used way across organizations - the backup to tapes. But the latest and considered the future of backups is online backup. There are many services on the Internet which are offered to potential customers for databackup, the best part being that you can access your data from anywhere across the globe!. Carbonite is a popular service for data backup. You can get some Carbonite Coupons and get a neat discount when you purchase a databack up plan. So, all said and done, its always better, if not, the best idea to regularly take backup of your valuable data before you find that you have lost it.

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