Monday, February 27, 2012

Get that hard drive power adapter

I always end up missing my hard drive power adapter. Always. My friend borrows my hard drive to use it for a while and he misses the adapter as well. Reason - He just doesn't take the power adapter from me. Well, we wanted a solution for both our misses and forgets.

We then barged online to find that there is this excellent online shop which specializes in Power Adapaters. Ranging from WD to Seagate, they'd got them all. What did I and my friend do? We ordered one for each of us so that when do the sharing, it just has to be the hard drive. The adapter stays at the same place. Oh, did I mention that there were genuine Power Supplies also available at that online store we loved?. I was able to find power supplies of almost all the major manufacturers of PCs and PC related products.

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