Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Security Tech by Doug Vitale

Thou shall make use of the best in technology but still feel insecure - This is what I believe firmly and still standby until the day comes when people feel secure enough to open their PCs to the Internet without worrying for privacy or security or even their PC for that matter.

Information Security - as it is fondly called - is very important that it was started to be made as a major course to choose from while one's at a college pursuing, just to emphasize students and the lot that it really DOES MATTER how secure an individual or a company is when it uses state of the art technologies.

Organizations that use technologies employ Information security experts to make sure that their corporate networks are not hacked into and vital information is not lost in the process. There is a lot of news about hacks that took place recently, tools that will help you in keeping information secure and those tools that will let you know what's latest in Computer networking as well.

Doug Vitale is an expert who writes his premier blog on information security and publishes the latest in computer networking as well. I follow this blog on a regular basis because its in depth information and detailed analysis that I'm a fan of. If you want to keep yourself updated on Security Tech, you now know where to head to.

Be secure, keep up with information speed.

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