Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Read reviews before you buy!

We all know how many tech products are out there for offer. From reading books to drawing sample sketches to watching full High definition movies to even creating audio snips, everything is achievable using hand held devices these days. Laptops, Kindles, Smartphones, Tablets, "Phablets" and what not?!

This is where the average consumer gets confused. There are just so many devices out there in a single category of tech products. Now, this is where product reviews by end customers who have already purchased a device from the selling website help. But another fact is that there are so many selling websites out there that we can't go out and read all the reviews from every website that sells a particular product. This is where an indigenous plan of bringing all these reviews from real users from various websites into one single place will help. This was just my thought until I saw it already existing on the Internet! A Product Review site that collects reviews for Products from different sources including Amazon and ebay and puts them together in a single page, with ratings and customer thoughts on the product and their own rating as well by analyzing the reviews and gives a score to the products. You can see real Laptop reviews from real people who have purchased products and used them. Also, all the reviews are categorized from positive to negative, per product so that when we read them, we get a good feel.  

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