Sunday, March 17, 2013

Social Media increases traffic - on the go

Technologies have created a sophisticated lifestyle among us. We are integrated with technologies and sometimes we tend to forget that we can't live without them. The technology has evolved through the years. Invention is the key aspect to evolution of technologies. 

Mobile phone technology has evolved to a new level called smart phone. Smart phones have become popular amongst teenagers. The applications in smart phones help us finish any work easily. The instagram application helps in easily editing and sharing any picture on the social networking sites. When you share any picture via social networking sites, your friends can access your images. You can buy Instagram likes, which helps you in building popularity. When you become popular automatically people will start viewing your pictures which will increase your traffic rate. I came across people who buy Instagram followers as well. Advertising involves a lot of marketing techniques and nowadays if we have more “likes” and “followers”, it will make us familiar in social networks. This technology will help in connecting with more people. This is how social network works with respect to marketing. 


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