Monday, February 28, 2022

Tech Access spotlight - 1/2: - performance you can rely on!

This week at Tech Access, we will be putting our spotlight at an interesting and exciting company that is doing some amazing things in the automotive space by helping you get more power from the same stock engine that is on your car with their amazing performance tuning products.

Keywords: Performance Chip Tuning, Power Tuner

Now, before we go into what we've learnt about this specific product, let's talk about what is performance chip tuning and what wonders it does for your regular ride that is otherwise boring and to an extent, mundane!

First things first: Performance tuning your engine - what does it even mean technologically?
In simple terms - It all begins with tuning the engine chip which is in some sense set to a default value by the vehicle's manufacturer.
How is this exactly done? Enter "Engine chip tuning" - this is one of the latest in technological innovation where a a device is plugged to your vehicle via the onboard diagnostic connector (OBD) which communicates with the vehicle in real-time to improve and optimize the default performance set by the manufacturer. 

Here's a screengrab from the Performance Chip Tuning company Engine Tuner whom we are spotlighting this week.

We want to talk more about this amazing Power Tuner product, so watch out for our next spotlight post(2/2) on this spotlight feature right here on Tech Access blog!

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