Monday, February 28, 2022

Tech Access spotlight - 2/2: - performance you can rely on!

Earlier this week, we started our spotlight on the latest in performance tuning for your gas powered vehicles from experts at Engine tuner performance chipz. This is the continuation article that covers some more technology information about the product and some real customers reviews that we came across for this product. Let's dive in!

If you missed our spotlight 1/2 article - you can find it here Spotlight on performance chip tuning as that will give you the background before you continue on this 2/2 now.

With every new technology comes excitement and apprehension at the same time. Excitement for performance tuning products are always a high but the amount of apprehension is equally high (or a low from another perspective) So we turn our attention to focus on this low and clear our reader's minds based on our factual learnings of this technology. 

First, the best news that there is: This chip product does not void your vehicle's warranty! This is great news already isn't it? We bet it removes 80% of apprehension already.

Secondly, does this hurt the engine in the long run because it makes it work harder? This is a common misconception because more the strain on an engine, more it may wear out, right? Answer is a simple and straight forward no. Why? Because the innovative Performance Chip Tuning is made keeping your specific car in mind and is not a generic one to plug and play. This is to ensure that the vehicle's limits (the limits that the manufacturer sees) are not crossed. 

Finally, there are some folks who talked about "remapping" when we were preparing this spotlight. Well, another simple answer. This Power Tuner tech helps work with the on board system and tune performance real time and is completely different to remapping because in remapping your end up changing a lot of your electronics components which is very harmful to your vehicle. 

Let's see some real unedited customer reviews, which are shared by real people:

Now that you've seen the real customer reviews and understand performance tuning tech from the same way we do, time to get some real performance from your vehicle without worrying about anything else!

We will meet you all soon with yet another exciting and performing technology article soon. Until next time, happy zipping with performance tuning!

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