Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Technology in Education

In the past students used to learn subjects from teachers only by studying in some educational institution. They have to receive study materials and browse them and clarify their doubts personally from their teachers. The students were not participating actively in the process but only on compulsion. There is a question arising in my mind how important is technology in education? - the answer to which was found, thanks to Internet technology!

The introduction of technologies brought interest in students. They were spontaneous to gain knowledge and started using technologies as a tool which helped them improve their knowledge. Seeing the latest developments in technologies I should say education is mutually dependent on technologies. But nowadays due to latest technology students learn from modern classrooms and the teachers are using CDs and slides and involve the students actively in the process. Students learn interestingly out of curiosity and browse through internet for more information and learn enthusiastically. The latest trends in information technology have emphasized students to keep updating their knowledge. Our daily work is dependent on technologies so it’s important for us to learn and keep ourselves updated. Laptops and tabs help students to access any information while they are mobile. Internet helps students to access their subject material and it helps them clear any doubts instantly.

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