Sunday, December 23, 2012

Technology in social work

The world has changed drastically due to wars and natural calamities. We cannot stop the actions of our leaders, however, technology has made it possible to communicate, organize, and spread awareness by removing geographically boundaries made possible through social media. Social media and networking has become very important in connecting people with similar visions to work collectively. Recently, I found an online magazine and professional networking community called which is specifically designed for social work and helping professionals. The network uses existing technologies to connect people who want to improve the lives of vulnerable populations, human rights and the less fortunate. The network allows users to pool resources, share information, and utilize information constructively to assist affected people. The network also has a mobile app - SW Helper for community users which is available for both Android and Apple phones. Also, it has a language translator to remove language barriers between community members. Many corporate and multinational companies are engaged in social work and nonprofit activities by uplifting the downtrodden in the society and providing needed assistance in educating them and improving their social status. If you want to connect with a bunch of do-gooders, this is the network for you.

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