Sunday, December 2, 2012

SickoNews – Trending News, Videos and Pictures

Awesome, Stupid, Fail, Sad, Funny and Weird. Want to find real news that would fall in any of these categories on the Internet? - Head to SickoNews. You gotta trust me on this one. Internet gives us loads of information scattered around but we always think about getting all the serious, not so serious and also the crazy facts/news in one single place. This is where this website really helps. This morning, I, as usual was browsing around various websites sources reading about all kinds of stuff when I really got to a point that I started to notice the amount of time I'm using up to jump from one website to another.

Then I stuck onto SickONews continuously getting all the news and crazy facts from the same place, I checked myself again, an improvement in time consuming and I saved a whole lot of time to write about it and share it with y'all here! So, if you're looking for Trending News, whacky facts, crazy stuff and the real viral items, you now know where to get them all - thanks to perfect use of collective technology!

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