Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 is here - pre-ordered!

There was always one phone as a choice for many who were looking to own a nice, neat, clean yet feature loaded phone. I know what you might be guessing, but I am referring to the Samsung Galaxy SII here. It was a runaway hit amongst all groups just because it had everything - right Super AMOLED display to the might processor. Samsung then decided it should create more of these and add more features to these and bring up a new model. That was when SIII was born. This one features an all new and updated design, a large 4.3″ Super AMOLED display, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and a blistering Exynos quad-core processor(yes quad core!). Hands down, it the best phone one could buy with easy money.

According the Android Phones Blog - one of the most updated blog on Android phone,s the Galaxy SIII has apparently hit almost 10 million pre-orders across all network carriers in the UK. This is topping the UK pre-order charts in reality. Even SII has been sided of the fact that SIII is one of those rare phones that come with no sim. The release date was May29th and I'm sure most of the customers were busy unwrapping their devices since then. Looking for latest? 3 is your number.

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