Monday, May 7, 2012

Girls - it's time to game!

Yup, I meant every word of it. Technology has so much to offer. So, this weekend I ended up relaxing my brains from my usual doze of tech stuff and sat back trying out some online games to play using my laptop. So I ended up searching for flash games and to a new astonishment, found that most of these online games were made for the male gender. I couldn't help notice that most games were of the adventure or arcade genre which are, ahem, usually preferred by boys. The age group that I was targeting is between 12-17 years. Most online folks are novice Internet users and play casual games.

So there I was, looking if there is (at least) one website which is dedicated to just girls and more girls. I ended at this fabulous Girls Games website where in they host and let users play flash games that are exclusively made for girls and happy go lucky women! I then decided to give it a try, not myself, but with my next door lovely school going kid. She had a great time trying out those games and thanked me for helping her do so. So, all you girls out there - it's time to game, all exclusive!

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