Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tech way to learn ventriloquism

So before your hairs stand straight to know what am I writing about ventriloquism on this blog, the baseline and  the reason of this blog is to share all things tech and all things that tech helps us achieve! So, today I was looking at some online tutorials to help me on a new programming language, I came across some videos that teach people on learning the art of ventriloquism and how to master it. Just a brief - Ventriloquism is that thing where artists hold a pet doll in their hands and let it move with the help of their hands inside it and the voice of the pet is from the artist himself!

So, I was interested in that and was watching the videos with a good level of excitement. Unfortunately, they didn't teach a person like me to become an amateur ventriloquist but only were talking about how it is done and not how one must do it. Then I started my hunt for a website where one can truly learn how to be a ventriloquist and start performing from the 1st class! I landed at this website where lessons from Tom Crowl (yes he is one of the most celebrated ventriloquist's out there!) can be taken. This one fact was enough for me to share it on this blog. PS: Did I mention the that best thing I love in tech is on that website - "High Definition (HD) videos!"

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