Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tech helps you find a locksmith!

Trust me but trust the title of this blogpost more ! Yes, you are no longer required to find a locksmith by taking your car outside and driving it through the city finding a shop named "best locksmith" and then find out that the shop is closed and no board that says when it will be opened again or the working hours as well.

Done with the introduction, here is the actual story. The other day my friend called me up in the middle of the night and asked me if I could find him a locksmith that works at that time. I was puzzled and assured him that technology will not let us down. My smartphone was there to help. One tap - two words and three listings out of which one said 24 hour locksmith - the locksmiths phoenix - the exact place where my friend wanted a locksmith from. I texted that to him and voila, my job was done and pulled up my covers all over again. The next morning, a the same but relieved friend of mine called me up and thanked me so much but I slowly told him to thank tech for every good thing that it does for us!


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