Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tech contacts to obtain those equipments

Well you didn't understand what the title of this post meant or did you? For all those who regularly follow my blog, they would have understood what I mean when they read the title. Ok, let's start off now. One of my friends was looking for a perfect supplier for supplying ground equipments for his role in a new air space. Before I share whom he got or how did he get, I'll share what is a ground supplies equipment first.
Regardless of what ground jobs they perform, business aviation depends on them between flights in order to do the job of transporting people and hardware to the places they’re needed. In the following paragraphs, we’ll look at some of the solutions available for towing, fresh air, electrical power and that one less-heralded need for lavatory services. Arguably, the most-common piece of ground equipment used and seen on airport ramps is the one that moves the airplane from place-to-place between flights. While they come in different sizes for different size jobs, they all share in the purpose to provide the driver with positive power and directional control, a full view of both the path ahead – or behind, as is often the case – and of the aircraft under tow.

Ok, now how did we get the right guy? With the help of tech, of course. We did a search and followed a nice contact and spoke to Rusty from Planet GSE and guess what the deal is now closed with my friend!

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