Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easy Technical IT support services for better cost savings

Next note on my list of things that someone should do for better cost cuts is providing IT support services to an able vendor. So, what are the essentials that the vendor should provide? First thing - highly skilled support staff. Next - ability to work on cross functional domains without hiccups. Predicate IT results ensured that are 24 X 7 as well. Upon viewing reports, the IT Support Services should be on its way up on the graph. Server and Desktop monitoring services, Office Support Services, On-Site and Remote Support (Based in the United States) and last but not least - Disaster Recovery Planning should anything go wrong. Continuous audits of all plans related to monitoring, support and disaster recovery should also be done so that the organizations doesn't have to follow up regularly with the vendor on support deliveries. 

So, after choosing the right provider based on simple things like the number of staff available for support, the number of skills available and the least cost possible, it is also imperative that one takes note of all the Managed Services that the vendor provides. By that, I mean so many abilities - having an office that is inside the United States, providing Data Backup measures, Network support plans (Bonus), a definitive Help Desk and so on. So, I do hope this is already on your cost savings measure plan but the specifics are the ones which people miss out. I just shared them so that you don't! 


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